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Our History

STR Helper was started by a group of software developers and city administrators in Garden City, UT. Determined to enforce a complex short term rental ordinance, the group understood that robust software was required. Using detailed monitoring and scraping, the system compiled listings from all the major listing sites into a series of reports. The result was STR Helper 1.0.

However, the experience convinced the group that the approach was all wrong. This was not a reporting problem, it was a compliance problem. And a compliance problem required a whole different architecture. The current approach was labor intensive, inaccurate and extremely labor intensive. As a result, the product was scrapped and re-written. The result was STR Helper 2.1, which fundamentally transformed the way cities could manage compliance with short term rental regulations.

The STR Helper Solution

How It Works

STR Helper monitors 20+ national listing sites and all local property management sites.

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Compliance exists at three levels – permit compliance, tax compliance and ordinance compliance.

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Why We Are Different

STR Helper was architected from the ground up to solve the short term rental compliance problem.

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