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STR Compliance Platform

Effective short term rental compliance requires a broad set of services that can be tailored to the individual needs and nuances of each municipal ordinance.  The STR Compliance Platform integrates the leading short term rental registration and licensing system with the most robust and most accurate monitoring system available anywhere.  STR Helper monitors over 20 global listing sites as well as a huge array of local property management sites.  It also provides the most robust reporting engine in the industry. 

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Calendaring Option

For a variety of reasons, ranging from tax compliance to community planning, many municipalities want to understand occupancy rates in short term rentals.  STR Helper is able to report on occupancy and usage in short term rentals.  It can then identify non-tax payers, report on usage models and allow cities to better understand their bed mix.


Registration Portal

As an integrated part of the registration and licensing system, STR Helper offers an on-line portal that allows homeowners to register their property and pay applicable registration fees. The system also tracks and manages communications for license renewals.


Complaint Portal

Noise, trash and parking are issues often associated with short term rentals.  The complaint portal allows community members to document and submit evidence of non-compliance through photos, audio files or video.  The system then alerts the property manager of the issue and keeps the complaint as a permanent part of the property history file.

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