Capture More Tax Revenues During Special Events

Coachella Area Towns Adopt STR Helper Software

The Coachella Valley area has grappled for a number of years with the challenges of how to best handle short-term rentals. The Coachella Valley area consists of nine cities and the populations of these cities swell dramatically when Coachella Valley hosts the largest music festival in the country every year. An influx of hundreds of thousands of visitors to the area during the concerts has caused local cities to be inundated with short term rentals.

The potential for Coachella Valley towns to collect additional tax revenues also increases dramatically during these festivals. Unfortunately, the likelihood of nuisance problems associated with short-term rentals can also escalate during these events and cities can benefit by using real-time nuisance monitoring and reporting capabilities to proactively deal with related problems.

Already, a number of popular destination cities in the Coachella Valley area, including Rancho Mirage, Indio, and Palm Desert, have adopted and implemented Bear Cloud Software’s STR Helper service to solve short-term rental challenges and ensure compliance with established short-term rental ordinances. STR Helper is a cloud-based software solution that allows local governments to manage all aspects of short-term rental compliance including registration, payment of taxes and nuisance related issues.

STR Helper was designed and built from the ground up by a former mayor and city manager in a city that had hundreds of previously unregulated short-term rentals with the goal of solving the short-term rental code compliance problems and tax collection challenges in their city.  Originally intended for use only in their city, requests quickly began pouring in from other cities to be able to use the software, and in less than two years over 70 cities are using STR Helper to successfully solve their short term rental related challenges.

STR Helper’s complete, affordable solution includes STR Helper’s unparalleled accuracy in identifying addresses and owners of short-term rentals advertising on dozens of platforms such as Airbnb, HomeAway and Craigslist as well as a customized online registration portal that allows owners to comply with established ordinances and successfully register the property as required. The software increases short-term rental related tax revenues while decreasing short-term rental related problems and has highly trained US based customer service to assist cities every step of the way in the implementation and use of the software.  For cities that want to more efficiently manage nuisance complaints, a complaint portal and a 24/7 complaint hotline for neighbors to report problems are also available.

STR Helper empowers cities and counties to have more control over all aspects of short-term rentals and reduce administrative costs while increasing tax revenues and compliance rates with ordinances.

In addition to the adoption of STR Helper by Rancho Mirage, Palm Desert and Indio, CA, recent adoptions also include Golden, CO; Big Bear Lake, CA; Lake Oswego, OR; Charleston, SC; Hot Springs, AR; White Fish, MT; Vail, CO; Crested Butte, CO and Ulster County, the home of Woodstock, NY.

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