In separate announcements, the City of Charleston, SC and Charleston County, SC have both selected STR Helper from Bear Cloud Software as the software platform to manage compliance with their Short Term Rental ordinances. The Austin, TX-based software company provides a comprehensive system for managing discovery (address and owner-specific identification of each STR), permitting and tax compliance. The system also offers a 24/7 US based call center for STR complaint management.

The City of Charleston had grappled for a number of years with the contentious issue of Short Term Rentals. After passing an ordinance aimed at addressing STR related problems, the City conducted a comprehensive evaluation of all STR compliance software on the market and selected Bear Cloud’s STR Helper. Charleston’s STR Ordinance includes a number of elements including registration, a residency requirement and protection for the city’s Historic District, all of which STR Helper is designed to help cities achieve. STR Helper’s demonstrable success in solving STR related challenges in neighboring Folly Beach SC and other well known communities across the nation was a factor in Charleston’s selection of the software.

Charleston County, the county which includes Charleston and a number of other communities, had already selected STR Helper to manage Tax Compliance and permitting for each short term rental in the county. STR Helper is not only able to identify each short term rental in a City or County by address and owner’s name, it also integrates with a City or County’s IT infrastructure, enabling real time highly accurate compliance reporting for the City or County. .

About Bear Cloud Software and STR Helper: STR Helper was designed from the ground up by city officials and people with a municipal government background to address the very real STR challenges in their community. It was so effective in addressing the STR challenges and problems in their community that they decided to make their tested and proven software available to other communities and counties.

Since early 2017 Bear Cloud and STR Helper has provided cities and counties a complete software package and service that includes on-site training and readily accessible and highly trained US based customer service for every aspect of the platform and even includes a manned 24/7 complaint hotline for neighbors to report issues with STR’s. STR Helper’s accuracy in identifying the addresses and owners of STR’s is unparalleled in the industry. In the short span of only 18 months STR Helper has been adopted by more than 70 cities and counties across the country to manage compliance with their short term rental ordinances. In addition to the recent adoption of the software by the City of Charleston and the County of Charleston, recently announced adoptions of STR Helper include Tillamook, OR, Vail, CO, Palm Desert, CA, Dania Beach, FL and Montgomery County, MD.

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