STR Helper, the leader in Short Term Rental Permitting and Compliance solutions, announced today that Garden City, UT has released the results of a recent audit showing a staggering 21.6% increase in net tax receipts related to short term rentals and a 39% increase in permit compliance since it implemented STR Helper.

“The combination of leading edge technology and a great team have allowed us to make huge strides forward with short term rentals in our community,” said Chuck Stocking city council member. “Three years ago we had a gaping hole in our budget, everyone was upset about non-compliance with noise, trash and parking, and our permitting process was largely ignored. With the help of STR Helper, we have dramatically increased revenue and compliance is effectively 100%.”

Commented CEO John Spuhler: “As a log time resident and mayor, I recognize the vital economic role short term rentals play in our community. At the same time, I want to preserve our community just like other residents. With the help of STR Helper, we have achieved a balance that is benefitting everybody.”

The STR Helper system, which was in part built in partnership with Garden City, monitors leading rental web sites and then provides city staff with alerts from advertised properties who are not properly permitted. It also logs all complaints related to violations in municipal codes related to parking, noise abatement and trash violations. Finally, it can monitor occupancy rates and flags properties suspected of underreporting occupancy taxes.

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