STR Helper is a full-fledged end-to-end software solution that allows local governments to manage compliance, registration, licensing, communications, and complaints regarding the short-term rentals in their area.

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The explosion of short-term rentals in communities across the world has led to a long slate of related problems – licensing and permitting, tax compliance, noise/trash/parking issues – to name a few. The issues surrounding the problems are complex and so are the solutions. STR Helper has led the industry from the outset in compliance solutions related to short-term rentals through a combination of technology innovation and leadership and acknowledged experts in the field for fact-based consulting and ordinance creation.

While other compliance companies have developed monitoring software to simply develop reports of internet listings, STR Helper has taken a different, ground-up approach. By focusing on registration and property validation, we are able to ensure near 100% accuracy and compliance. Our approach also provides a host of derivative benefits including registration compliance, ordinance compliance, self-service portals, automated owner communications, comprehensive reporting and community involvement.

STR Helper not only provides the most comprehensive consulting and product capabilities available, we also provide a host of reference accounts that will happily tell you about their experience with STR Helper. From small coastal communities to the world’s leading ski towns to large urban centers, STR Helper is helping municipalities solve the STR puzzle.

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What We Do


   The Product

Our flagship product is STR Helper which is a platform that manages a core set of services central to short term rental compliance. These services include:

  • Registration
  • Communications
  • Self Service
  • Community Participation
  • Tax Compliance
  • Reporting

In combination with the supporting applications, STR Helper provides the following functions:

  • Open API – As an enterprise-ready system, STR Helper provides a fully supported API that has been integrated to ERP, CRM, registration and payment remittance systems.
  • Discovery from 20+ listing sites – STR Helper monitors a huge variety of online sites including HomeAway/VRBO, Airbnb, Flipkey, Turnkey, Vacasa, and a variety of local sites as well.
  • Tax compliance – STR Helper selects properties expected of underpayment for audit based on occupancy, average nightly rate, and local tax rates.
  • Support for multiple zones – In many municipalities, STR regulations vary from zone to zone. STR helper support different regulations within different zones in the city.
  • Out-of-the-box Reporting – The system supports a variety of reports out-of the-box including listings of all permit holders, non-compliant listings, suspected ToT violators, permits expiring soon, etc.
  • Self Service Portal – Increasingly, consumers demand that they be able to easily apply for registration online. STR Helper provides an intuitive, full-featured portal for on-line applications.
  • Permit management – STR Helper manages permitting, including expirations and renewals.
  • Communications module – Automated development of letters and/or emails for a variety of categories including non-compliance, permit renewal, and permit application status.
  • De-duplication of listings – The system is able to identify and reconcile a single property listed across multiple sites.
  • Exact physical address identification – STR Helper ties an advertised listing to local GIS data, providing an exact physical address for every listing.
  • Continuous monitoring – New listings appear constantly and STR Helper provides alerts of new listings while managing advertisements that have been removed.


In addition to the industry leading product, STR helper also offers a variety of services designed to help municipalities develop, implement and support short term rental regulations.  Services include:

  • Ordinance Development/Best Practices Consulting – We have assembled a leading group of consultants from municipal government, academia and business to offer a comprehensive methodology for planning, implementing and supporting short term rental regulations.
  • 24 x 7 Hotline – many municipalities require support on a 24 x 7 basis for complaints to be lodged. We staff a 24 x 7 hotline to receive and manage those calls.

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