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Short Term Rental help for cities like yours.

License Management

Manage the workflow from creation to approval to renewal of your STR licenses.


Standard reports help you know which internet listings are compliant or not, whose licenses are expiring soon, whether sales tax is being paid, among many others.  Plus, you can even create your own custom reports.

Compliance Management

STR Helper monitors over 18 vacation rental sites and let you know daily when new listings are added and lets you know which are compliant or not. You can then send direct mail straight out of STR Helper to notify the homeowner on how to become compliant.


The Sharing Economy

The “sharing economy” sure has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Homeowners nationwide have earned extra cash by using popular web sharing services like VRBO and HomeAway. The idea of the sharing economy comes at the perfect time. Since the Great Recession, more and more people have been looking for economic alternatives, ones that build off of mutual aid, rather than greed and the “it’s everyone for themselves” philosophy. Likewise, the recession pushed significantly more segments of the American workforce into positions where they must string together part-time gigs and find alternative ways to bring in revenue. So a sharing economy, where people can use what they already have to help others, while making some extra money for themselves, sounds like a perfect solution.

So why should cities care about the growth of the sharing economy and its impacts. The answer is simple. Current regulatory systems are not designed to accommodate technology-based, peer-to-peer exchanges of goods, services and skills. This business model leads to a number of regulatory challenges and interesting questions.

Is renting a residential unit or portion of the property on a daily basis using a platform such as VRBO a violation of zoning regulations when the property is located in a single-family residential zone? If it is a zoning violation, how do cities police this illegal practice when the transactions take place online and exact locations of the rental unit may not be disclosed in online advertising? Is the income produced from peer-to-peer transactions, using a platform such as VRBO and HomeAway, subject to income, sales and accommodation taxes? Are accommodations furnished online in peer-to-peer exchanges subject to residential health and safety standards or commercial standards applied to traditional accommodations?

STR Helper is a software solution to help enforcement officers identify and manage Short Term Rentals in the cities.

Increase residential harmony, compliance, and revenue with our full suite of features.


License Management

Management the workflow from creation to approval to renewal of your STR licenses.


View the data you want on a Google map. Whether it be the locations of non-compliant STRs, newly listed STRs, expiring licenses, etc.

Listing Management

New listing found on the internet nightly. See them displayed on a map or report.


STR Helper comes standard with reports you need to manage your STR and licensing processes. But in addition to those reports, you can also create your own custom reports.

Automated Nightly

Our process checks all the top websites that advertise Short Term Rentals (STRs) on the internet (currently 17 websites scanned daily)


Notes And Tasks

STR Helper comes standard with reports you need to manage your STR and licensing processes. But in addition to those reports, you can also create your own custom reports.

STR Helper allows you to manage your licensing process, locate non-compliance STRs, and communicate better with your residents.

Request a Free STR Report For Your City

We will create a report based on all the short-term rentals currently being listed on the internet.  We scan over 20 sites removing duplicates, even the duplicates that appear within the same site (and this happens a lot).

Request STR Report

From John Spuhler, mayor of Garden City, UT & Co-Founder of STR Helper...

As the mayor of a city whose economy and tax revenue is based in large part on tourism, our city became aware of the burgeoning short-term rental administration problems and opportunities. Over the last several years, we have developed an excellent process for inspection and licensing, but we did not have an efficient way to deal with non-compliance and enforcement.

The city heard from a vocal group of licensed STR owners who demanded city enforcement of non-compliant STR business owners. STR Helper was privately developed by experienced government leaders and programmers to automate discovery of non-compliance, track properties working through licensing, communicate ordinance requirements, and educate business owners. STR Helper software will dramatically increase sales tax and business license revenue while improving public safety. The end result is our city has 99.9% compliance and our short-term rental community has become a valuable stakeholder in helping the city’s economy become more vibrant in all areas.

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